You’re here! On my website, which I created all by myself, almost. I mean, I’m using WordPress and a whole bunch of their plugins, and I’ve got a hosting provider-majig, and some other organisation that makes me pay for this domain every year, and yet another entity which does some stuff that makes my email come through. But other than that, all by myself.

I’m a writer and transcriber and, more recently, a stay-at-home mom. Wazzat now?  you may ask. A very good question. It’s like this: I write articles and copy for a range of clients on a variety of topics; I type up audio recordings into neat and user-friendly documents; my husband and I are nearing the end of our first year of parenthood with all of the ups and downs (mostly ups, but some sleepless downs) that this entails. The purpose of all of this is to make enough money to pay the bills, go on holiday now and then, and hopefully give our little boy just about everything he needs and wants without spoiling him senseless and turning him into a little devil… Livin’ the dream, baby, livin’ the dream!

By night (or when I’m driving and daydreaming, or maybe standing in the queue at the post office, and sometimes during lunch) I am an aspiring author! Exciting, right? We’ll see…

I hope to amuse you; more than that is not likely.